A collection of 11 gel blasters and 58 magazines have been voluntarily surrendered following a police warning about the illegal replica firearms.

On Tuesday (25 August 2020) a 21-year-old man attended Tuggeranong Police Station where he handed the items over to police.

The man told officers he had been a keen collector of gel blasters however recently became aware that the weapons were illegal in the ACT following an ACT Policing social media post.

Gel blasters, also referred to as ‘gel ball blasters’, are classified as prohibited firearms in the ACT as they mechanically function as air guns, and also as they closely resemble other military-style firearms.

Acting Officer in Charge of Tuggeranong Police Station Detective Acting Inspector Simon Coady said police take matters involving replica firearms very seriously.

“It is encouraging to see the message is getting through regarding the illegal nature of Gel blasters.  These are not toys and if you are in possession of a gel blaster in public, you run the risk of police seeing it as a real firearm,” Detective Acting Inspector Coady said.

“Gel blasters are classed as illegal firearms in the ACT and it is illegal to possess them, it is illegal to import them into the ACT, and those who do will face severe penalties.”

People in possession of a gel blaster should surrender them to the ACT Policing Exhibit Management Centre – 86 Vicars St Mitchell, ACT (Ph: 02 5126 9076).