More than 11,000 people have signed up to Carbon Counter, the countrywide challenge produced by the ABC Science Unit for National Science Week.

The challenge shows families, individuals and schools how to reduce their contributions to global warming by making simple and easy changes to everyday routines.

The project is ongoing, but thousands who signed up since its launch in early August have collectively pledged to save more than 4200 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next year. That’s the equivalent of:

“This shows that Australians are keen to help bring down carbon emissions, and that lots of people doing simple things can add up to a substantial result,” said Kylie Andrews, the project producer at ABC Science.

The Carbon Counter is open-ended, meaning there is still plenty of time to explore simple hacks to tackle global warming.

Examples include:

Carbon Counter is presented by ABC Science with funding through the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia strategy.

Visit the website and join the challenge at